Instrument Ideas Ep.2: Travis Picking Variation with a Song by Nickel Creek

by Wade on February 27, 2010

In this episode of Instrument Ideas we use a variation of the Travis picking pattern featured in episode 1.  The variation is then used with the song “Out of the Woods” by Nickel Creek.  This is a great song for lyric analysis and discussion.  Here are a few thoughts about initiating a song discussion.

1. Talk about what the two people in this song are feeling and experiencing.

2. Could the person doing the wishing be longing for someone out of reach?

3. What issues might the person in the woods be dealing with?  (fear of moving out of a relationship, addiction, a rough time)

4. Describe how the meaning of the song would change with the following characters:

  • parent/child
  • family member/someone with an addiction
  • two friends
  • two coworkers
  • someone married or in a relationship/someone longing to be with that person

5. How do the following words relate to this song:

  • uncertainty
  • save
  • longing
  • self realization
  • lost
  • wishful
  • stuck
  • reality
  • dream

6. Has there been a time when you have experienced feelings of being lost or longing to help someone?

Please add some of your ideas in the comment area!

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