Inside Music Therapy- creative dance with a student with Cerebral palsy

by Wade on July 27, 2010

Patty is a student with Cerebral palsy in the Music Therapy program at the Hochstein School of Music & Dance.  In this clip, Patty is following a symbolic picture board in order to recall her sequence of movements.  In the first step, Patty created her own movement for each picture shown to her.  The next step involved me extending her original movement to “stretch” her use of space and levels.  For example, the first picture used resembled a rainbow.  Patty first moved by just taking a step forward.  In the extension, I asked her to add her hands while stepping forward.  After all 4 pictures were choreographed in some way, Patty decided on the order.  The third step was to add other dancers.  Two interns assisted in echoing Patty’s movements.  It was important for Patty to complete this experience without any verbal or physical prompting, which she was able to do using only the picture of symbols to help her recall each movement.  Behind the camera is a full-length dance mirror so Patty could watch the interns complete their movements before starting the next one.

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