Composer’s Compass: The Songwriter’s Need for Feedback

by Wade on November 23, 2010

Helping songwriters navigate through their creativity and the songwriting process.

Following a recent training course I lead for music therapists titled “Songwriter’s Garden”, I realized that music therapists need a place (or person) to bounce off ideas for songwriting and receive some basic feedback.  The feedback portion is always an important step in the songwriting process.  Feedback should come from someone you respect and trust.  The right perspective is also nice, especially in our field of work, but not vital. There is a strong emotional bond that many of us have with our songs and that is why we need an outside perspective to attack the weaker parts and develop the song’s strengths.   And so here we are…the “Composer’s Compass”, a place in my blog to share songs and songwriting ideas or tips.  If you have a song you would like feedback on, or a songwriting tip to share, please send it my way and we can post it for discussion.

To get started, take the Songwriter Profile Assessment: The Four Elements and the Four Quadrants of the Brain previously featured on Blog Beat.

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