Inside Music Therapy: “Outsider” by Kayla

by Wade on January 3, 2011

The inspiration for this song came from Kayla’s admiration for superheroes! Our songwriting session led to a discussion about how superheroes often feel like outsiders in society.  Kayla really resonated with this concept.  She composed the lyrics and selected an accompaniment style for the piece.


by Kayla & Wade

Verse 1:


For who I am.

They don’t realize,

What’s inside of me.

Pushed away.

Sometimes I wonder why I turned out this way.


Like an outsider.

Pushed away.

Like an outsider.


Why can’t they see who I am?

Verse 2:

Behind every hero

You will find an outsider just like me,

Just like me.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:

Heroes give me strength

To carry on day to day.

Why can’t they see who I am?


Don’t you see I struggle?

Each and every day.

But I am human just like you,

I live a different way.

Repeat Chorus

Why can’t you see who I am?

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