“A Change in My Routine” by Brandon Martell

by admin on March 10, 2012

Brandon is an Eastman School of Music student enrolled in my Introduction to Special Learners class.  One class assignment is to compose an original song that assists a child with Autism to address a specific social skill.  I really liked Brandon’s presentation of his song and I asked if he would record it and share it on Blog Beat.

“A Change in My Routine” is a great song to introduce coping with small changes, and in this case, tolerating small physical changes in the room.  In the song there is an opportunity for the student to physically go change something in the room and then come back to their chair.  This would be a great skill for a child with Autism to work on.  At the end, the student gets to put everything back in it’s place.  There are many ways to then extend this song intervention once the student has mastered all the skills first presented.  Eventually physical items may progress to dealing with other types of changes the student may experience in their day.

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