Using the Partner Play Method with Tone Chime Groups

by admin on April 28, 2012

                             The Therapeutic Arts Program performs “Mockingbird Hill”.

When designing Suzuki tone chime sessions for my Therapeutic Arts Program, I am always looking for different ways to use the tone chimes to focus on specific group and individual skills. For some songs, players will follow a powerpoint on the TV, for other songs players will read a specialized notation of the song in their tone chime book.  Other songs might be strictly improvisatory.  Each method addresses different skills as it is implemented.  I decided I wanted to design a tone chime method for my group that:

  • addressed the needs of a group with a mix of abilities
  • worked with a small group of 7-12 players
  • incorporated social skills and a focused on the awareness of others
  • did not require a lot of time to prepare visuals
  • easy to use with a variety songs in different keys
  • effective with both basic and extended chords

I decided to map out a system where pointing to one person would trigger other people to play, thereby forming basic chords.  This way the player would not only ring when directly pointed to, but would also ring if a player on either side of them was pointed to. (I felt pointing to one person is less confusing then trying cue a group of people to play together.)  I designed a chord system for ringing and gave each player a number assignment.

The video example above shows the group playing through “Mockingbird Hill”.  They just learned the song and only practiced it twice before videotaping!  There are a few extra support staff assisting players, and I simply double the assigned part.

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