“Holidays” by L. Oliver & W. Richards

by admin on November 26, 2012

“Holidays” is a songwriting collaboration between Time for Music and Lindsey Oliver from Allegro Harmonies.  Lindsey and I work together at Blue Ridge Music Therapy Center and we thought it would be fun to sit down and write a holiday song together.  Songwriting with a partner is great because often you lead each other through different musical or wording ideas.  I encourage all music therapists out there to find a songwriting partner and try writing something new for the holidays.  This might be good practice for a possible Time for Music contest in the near year!

Lindsey and I only chose four holidays to put in the song, but there are other great December holidays to add too!  I enjoy using visuals with this experience since some items may be unfamiliar to different students.  I usually have students follow a Keynote/PowerPoint show with the visuals and lyrics.  You can then add a short test at the end to support learning and recall of the information.

Side note: Lindsey is singing this song right now with one of our groups as I am typing this up!  How funny!

Become a Song Shop member and download the MP3 of “Holidays”, an instrumental version, Pages/PowerPoint slideshow, and a chord & lyrics sheet.

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