Elvis Bingo

by admin on January 21, 2013

I have always been a HUGE Elvis fan.  My Grandmother owned every Elvis album there was at the time and played them constantly when I stopped by for a quick visit.  (She lived just a block away from me growing up.)  She went to concerts, read books about Elvis, watched his movies, and collected memorabilia.  Pretty hip for a Grandma.  I especially liked how Elvis could sing such a variety of music from rock to gospel and draw you in every time.  Before my Grandmother passed away she gave me all of her Elvis albums as a graduation gift.  I was quite emotional over it all, it was a hard gift to accept knowing how much they meant to her, but she won out in the end and I still cherish them today.

January 8th was Elvis’ birthday, and so often I celebrate his music all month in different ways.  One way is by playing Elvis bingo with some of my students or groups.  I have a set of 8 boards with different pictures representing certain Elvis songs. Here is an example of one board:


The songs represented on this board include: Blue Suede Shoes, Welcome to My World, Heartbreak Hotel, Teddy Bear, Shake, Rattle and Roll, Viva Las Vegas, Good Luck Charm, Jailhouse Rock, and Love Me Tender.  I usually use a mix of 15 songs all total.  I often mix live performances with recorded songs and I have students cover up each picture that matches the song as we go.  Unlike traditional bingo, the winner is the first person to completely cover the whole board.  But, of course, you can make up your own rules!  I usually laminate the boards or put each one in a sheet protector.  That way they can last over time.

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