Songs from the TAP Olympics

by Wade on March 13, 2010

The Therapeutic Arts Program participated in music-themed olympics for the past two weeks.  Included in this video is our “Olympic Theme Song” and the “Olympic Song Mash-Up”.  The “Olympic Theme Song” provided opportunities for students to improvise and switch from one instrument to another during the song.   The “Olympic Song Mash-Up” included a variety of session songs from our social skill group, discussion groups about the Olympics, instrument group, and music therapy group time.


Men in Music Recital

by Wade on January 30, 2010

On January 28th my students in the music therapy department presented “The Men in Music” recital.  The recital featured songs by male singers, composers, and performers.  The students were involved in each selecting a popular male musician.

I wrote a song called “The Men in Music” to be performed as a group number.  We put together a small band consisting of other therapists, my interns, and one student.  One of my private voice students, who now is at the Eastman School of Music for vocal performance, came to sing the vocal solo.  The other students were divided into two groups and sang two different parts in the chorus sections and offered back-up vocals during the solo.  It was such a great moment with everyone working together!

Here is a link to the program: