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Holiday Lyric Sheets and Lyric Slideshow

December 15, 2012

We recently held our first Blue Ridge Holiday Sing-A-Long.  If you watch the some of the video you will see that we had a TV positioned up front in order to view a slideshow of the lyrics so the audience could follow along.  I also had my iPad on the mic stand for students to […]

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Creating Singing Exercises to EMPHASIZE Speech Skills

July 25, 2012

I am always looking for new ways to use music to optimize articulation and fluency skills with my students.  I have always found drumming to be a great place to start because of the rhythmic connections one can make with the body and speech production.  See a previous post, “Drumming to Foster Fluency in Speech” for […]

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Exploring the Breath Through Mouth and Nose Combinations

June 17, 2012

I enjoy leading my wellness clients through various breath exercises and experiences.  I find that exploring the different combinations of mouth and nose inhalations and exhalations can be a powerful tool. Here is one sequence that I have clients follow, repeating each step 7 times in a row before moving on to the next step. […]

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Drumming to Foster Fluency in Speech

April 18, 2012

The drum has always been an inexhaustible tool for the music therapist to use in countless ways.  When working with students with speech disorders and related issues, I find that drumming coordinates the mind, body, and voice!  The timing, sensory motor involvement, and feedback provided during drum play makes it an invaluable tool to build […]

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Quickly Transferring Your Documents to Your Student’s iPad

April 17, 2012

  Have you ever wanted to easily transfer music files, lyric sheets, worksheets, or other documents to one of your student’s iPad?  Sure you could email the documents to a family member and wait for them to download it onto the iPad, but what if you could do it instantly?  Many of my students have […]

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“Evergreen, Everblue” by Raffi

April 14, 2012

  April 22nd is Earth Day.  One song I like to feature this month is “Everygreen, Everblue” by Raffi.  The album, released in the 90’s, is a a musical celebration of our Earth and a call for everyone to take care of it for generations to come.  “Evergreen, Everblue”  isn’t like the other kids songs […]

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The NEW Song Shop Membership

April 13, 2012

The Song Shop includes over 90 original songs.  MP3’s and lyrics sheets for each song is also provided.  Songs are divided into easy-to-explore categories like: Songs for Adaptive Skills Songs for Cognitive Development Songs for Goodbyes and Closings Songs for Greetings and Openings Songs for Mathematics Songs for Movement Songs for Reading and Language Arts […]

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The Anytune App

March 5, 2012

  I had to take a moment to share this amazing application I have been using in some of my sessions with all of you!  I started out with a free version of Anytune for my iPad and quickly upgraded to Anytune HQ.  With this app, you can take most any song in your iTunes […]

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Remarkable Resources: Step by Step Movement Cards

February 13, 2011

*download the Step by Step Movement Cards Movement experiences are an important piece of my everyday work with clients of all ages.  In one school setting, the Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, and myself collaborate with a group of high school students with special needs.  Our collaborative goals for this class center around: prevocational skills, optimal […]

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Composer’s Compass: Guest Post by Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC

January 20, 2011

Helping songwriters navigate through their creativity and the songwriting process. Adventures In Songwriting: My Process Guest Post by Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC There’s a learning curve involved in honing any new skill, and songwriting is no exception.  My early days as a songwriter were filled with experimentation and abandoned attempts, but that is what led […]

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