On-The-Go Studio Podcast: Episode 1

January 29, 2013

In the beginning of January, music therapist Megan Resig from The Music Therapy Annex and I launched a new podcast, “On-The-Go Studio Podcast”.  The website is www.onthegostudiopodcast.com.  The website also has bonus content and information about our monthly songwriting challenges.  You can also subscribe for free on iTunes, and each month a new episode will […]

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“Super Bowl Sunday 47″

January 25, 2013

Here is my updated version of my original “Super Bowl Sunday” song, something I wrote several years ago. My student Nate Sobko learned the guitar chords for the song and we recorded it in Garage Band. We then went back and added a spoken track. Our office intern, Josh Hauck, created the Keynote slideshow for […]

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Social Advocacy Month

January 24, 2013

The following video talks about the Therapeutic Arts Program at the Blue Ridge Music Therapy Center in Rochester, New York.  Family members share their stories and perspective on how music therapy has impacted the lives of their loved ones.  The day program, a transitional program for ages 18 to 30, was designed and launched by […]

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Recording Keynote Slideshows Timed to Music

January 23, 2013

I love creating slideshows of current interventions for students to watch and listen to on their devices at home.  If you have Keynote for Mac, it is really easy!  Here’s a quick look at how to do it:   Here It Comes Slideshow Training from Wade Richards on Vimeo. Become a Song Shop Member and […]

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Elvis Bingo

January 21, 2013

I have always been a HUGE Elvis fan.  My Grandmother owned every Elvis album there was at the time and played them constantly when I stopped by for a quick visit.  (She lived just a block away from me growing up.)  She went to concerts, read books about Elvis, watched his movies, and collected memorabilia. […]

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Exploring Job Goals Through Songwriting

January 6, 2013

One aspect of the Therapeutic Arts Program at Blue Ridge is to expose our students (ages 17-30) to prevocational training in their program.  This may include self-assessment of skills, creating resumes, community outings, or working on job skills like (planning, sorting, alphabetizing, following directions, working as a team member to complete a project, etc.).  For some […]

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The Giving Tree

December 21, 2012

Last year for Christmas, a parent of one of our students in the Therapeutic Arts Program gave me the metal tree you see in the picture as a gift.  Students and family members in the Therapeutic Arts Program wrote on pieces of paper why they were thankful for the therapists and instructors at Blue Ridge and […]

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Functional Piano for Music Therapists & Music Educators: An Exploration of Styles by Josh Massicot

December 18, 2012

It’s finally here!  A functional piano resource for music therapists and music educators that will soon be the text book in every music therapy college-level keyboard program.  I met today with Josh Massicot, the very talented author and instructor at Nazareth College , and got to see the book firsthand.  I loved the layout and […]

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“Getting Ready for the Holidays” by W. Richards

December 17, 2012

I wrote “Getting Ready for the Holidays” to encourage my students to sing short phrases and then use their expressive language skills as they viewed pictures in a slideshow.  It’s a great way for students to create short lyrical phrases within the following categories: shopping for the holidays, decorating for the holidays, traveling for the […]

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“Holiday Time in the Bakery” by S. Enloe & W. Richards

December 16, 2012

Shannon Enloe, a student at Blue Ridge Music Therapy Center, has been working in the bakery at a local Wegmans store for many years.  A few years ago she wrote “The Bakery Song” and then performed it at our Spook and Sing concert at the Hochstein School of Music & Dance (see video below).  This year […]

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