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“Down By the Beach” 8/3/15

Songs for Speech and Language– download the slideshow that includes all the lyrics.


“Ladybug, Ladybug” 6/25/14

Songs for Movement – Download the MP3 of the song and lyrics.


“Intermixing Rap and Songwriting Skills” 4/23/13

Songs for Speech and Language – Download the MP3 of the backtrack and also the Keynote/PDF files of the songwriting experience


“That Is Why You Are My Valentine” 2/6/13

Songs for Seasons and Holidays – Download the Keynote/PowerPoint slideshow to use with students.


Using Vocal Exercises to Support Speech and Language Skills 2/3/13

Songs for Speech and Language

A few starter ideas:

Slide 1: How are you to-day?

Slide 2: I am _______ to-day.

Slide 5: Jump-ing, jump-ing (name an animal that jumps)

Slide 6: Fly-ing, fly-ing (name something that flies)

Slide 7: Waltz-ing and waltz-ing with (name of a person)

Slide 8: Work on harmony skills, have the student sing one number while you sing a different number.

Slide 9: Stir-ring and stir-ring the (name something you cook and stir)

Slide 10: I love cook-ing piz-za dough.  I live here in New York State.

Slide 11: Hors-es al-ways make me smile.

Slide 12: I like play-ing trumpet.  When will we go fish-ing?

Slide 13: Take me, take me to Spain.


“Super Bowl Sunday 47″ 1/25/13

Songs for Seasons and Holidays– includes the Keynote/PowerPoint presentations (no music) and the lyric/chord sheet.


Recording Keynote Slideshows Timed to Music 1/23/13

Songs for Seasons and Holidays – includes a Quicktime movie of “Valentine’s Day”.


Elvis Bingo 1/21/13

Songs for Cognitive Development – includes Elvis Bingo boards in PDF and Pages formats.


Exploring Job Goals Through Songwriting 1/6/13

Songs for Vocational Training – includes Pages/PDF file of 40 Job Skill Cards & Pages/PDF file of “I Want to Be A ______” songwriting worksheet.


“Getting Ready for the Holidays” 12/16/12

Songs for Seasons and Holidays – includes Keynote/Powerpoint presentation, MP3 of “Getting Ready for the Holidays”, MP3 instrumental version.


“Holidays” 11/26/12

Songs for Seasons and Holidays– includes Keynote/PowerPoint presentation, MP3 of “Holiday”, MP3 instrumental version, chord & lyrics sheet


“Follow the News” 11/2/12

Song for Social Studies to download Keynote/PowerPoint presentations and MP3


From My Playlist: Top 10 Albums for Relaxation and Wellness (9/22/12)

6. Meditation: Classical Relaxation Volume 5- Various Artists

One of the first CDs I ever purchased.  I continue to use the beautiful classical pieces found on the CD for wellness and for self-relaxation.

7. Llama- Silvia Perez Cruz/Ravid Goldschmidt

One of the few CD’s I use that contain vocals.  The music of the HANG instrument is well expressed and the music is almost minimalist in ways.  The music is calming and brings a sense of inner awareness.

8. Harpmodes- Ruth Cunningham

 I have always been a fan of harp and voice together to produce an almost angelic experience in sound.  The use of different modes is transfixing, with each track producing few different experiences and emotions.  For those times that I am unable to bring my harp with me and vocally improvise through various modes, I bring this CD.

9 . Graces of Asia- Various Artists

I often go to this CD for wellness clients when we are first warming-up our body and breath.  The music is very focusing and calming with a hint of the mystic cultures of Asia.

10. In the Heart of the Moon- Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Dibate

This acoustic gem contains many musical flavors and colors.  The tracks are stunning with a simple sophisication and understanding the instruments played to evoke a setting of ethnic and cultural  awakening.


“Get Me Going With My Music” (9/22/12)

Download chord & lyric sheet and MP3 here: Songs for Greetings and Openings


Learning about the United Kingdom (7/26/12)

Download worksheets, Mp3’s, and maps under Songs for Cognitive Development


Creating Singing Exercises to EMPHASIZE Speech Skills (7/24/12)

Songs for Speech and Language Skills – includes example sentences and score example (Singing Exercises to EMPHASIZE Speech Skills)


“Stay Cool” (7/22/12)

Songs for Adaptive Skills

Basic blues pentatonic- encourage the student to play the black notes or sharps/flats on the keyboard.  I may give each participant a choice of sounds to pick from (flute, guitar, organ, saxophone, piano, or electric piano).  For some of my student who are skilled in improvisation, I will have them add the Blue’s note (in F# it would be the A).  Play with song in E and place a capo on the second fret so you can play in F# to match the imrprovisation on the keyboard.

*If you don’t have a capo, you can play the song in the key of E and just transpose the keyboard down two steps. (Most keyboards have a transposition button.)   This way the pitches of the black notes will match your guitar playing.

Extending the experience:

  1. Have a discussion about heat-related illnesses and symptoms.  Add this information as another section in the song.
  2. Talk about appropriate clothing to wear in when it’s hot and why some clothes may not be appropriate for program or school.

“Pack a Picnic” (7/15/12)

Download the MP3 and visual boards for picnic foods, picnic supplies, and outside games:

Songs for Seasons and Holidays

Extending the experience:

  1. Print off the visual boards and cut out all the pictures.  Write the 3 picnic categories on index cards: FOOD, PICNIC SUPPLIES, and GAMES.  Have students place the each picture under its appropriate category.
  2. Encourage students to list additional items in each category.  Have them add their new ideas in the song, or draw their item on an index card.
  3. Create an additional picnic category and sing the names of friends or family they would invite to the picnic.  Another category could be listing the local places or parks participants could go to for a picnic.


Exploring the Breath Through Mouth and Nose Combinations (6/17/12)

One strategy would be to ask them to write one or two words under each kind of breath.  I usually join them in this step and then we compare our descriptive words.  Often there are many similarities.

Another strategy would be to ask them to assign one of the four elements to each combination breath combination.  Here are a few possible words.  You can also research other descriptions online.

  • Fire- passion, joy, clearing, warming, unpredictable, transforming
  • Air- freedom, insight, soothing, cleansing
  • Earth- stability, healing, humility, balancing
  • Water- clarity, emotional, observing, inner trust

So far the majority of participants have labeled each breath combination with the following elements:

  • Inhale and exhale through your mouth. (FIRE)
  • Inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose. (EARTH)
  • Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. (WATER)
  • Inhale and exhale through your nose. (AIR)

What are your experiences and discoveries?

Extending the experience:

  1. Pair each breath combination with a specific movement.
  2. Pair each breath combination with a specific sound.  This might include a louder inhale, humming, or vowel sounding.


Using the Partner Play Method with Tone Chime Groups (4/28/12)

Instrument Ideas


“Small Talk” 4/21/12)

Songs for Social-Emotional Skills


Drumming to Foster Fluency in Speech (4/18/12)

Drumming to Foster Fluency in Speech


The Animal Kingdom (4/17/12)

Songs for Science


African Beats for Modern Music (4/17/12)

Instrument Ideas


Quickly Transferring Your Documents to Your Student’s iPad (4/17/12)

1. Have the student purchase the PDF Reader Lite App from iTunes and load it onto their iPad.  The upgrade version costs $4.99.

2. Lauch the app.

3. Select the PDF Documents button on the top left of the screen.

4. At the bottom of the PDF Documents Menu you will see several picture icons.  Select the icon of the wireless box at the far left.

5. Select the WiFi Sharing button.

6. You will be provided with the http:// address to input into your computer’s browser window.  Copy all numbers.

7. On your computer screen you will see a place to upload documents.  Click on that button and then select document on your computer you want to add.  It will automatically load onto the iPad.  You can view various documents including PDFs, power points, Mp3’s, word documents, etc.

8. Hit Cancel at the bottom of the iPad to exit this screen.  You will then see all the documents added to this app.  (MP3 files will simply play as a black screen with a play button.)


“Evergreen, Everblue” by Raffi (4/14/12)

Songs for Reading and Language Arts


“Fractured Kaleidoscope” by Brittany Merritt (4/11/12)

  1. Draw a small circle in the center of the watercolor paper.
  2. Using a dark crayon, draw a variety of lines from the center out to the edge of the paper.  Encourage students to use straight lines and curvy lines.
  3. Using a variety of crayon colors, color in thick and thin bands between the lines.  Try not to use the same colors next to each other.  Leave some white space in the design.  The crayon with resist the watercolor.
  4. Here was my example to show students:
  5. With a clean brush, wet both sides of the watercolor paper.
  6. Select 2-3 different watercolors to use in the project.
  7. Brush the different colors across the project.  (You can also create some different designs and texture by soaking up some of the watercolor with a paper towel.)

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