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Down By the Beach

by admin on August 3, 2015


This summer I have been providing extended school year programming to some of the school districts I contract with through Spectrum Creative Arts. I love when a classroom has a particular theme for the week or month. In one of the classrooms I provide group music therapy, the theme for the last few weeks has been the OCEAN! This particular classroom is for first and second grade students, so I decided to give the old Raffi classic “Down By the Bay” a make-over! Since the original included a great list of animals and fun rhyming lyrics like “did you ever see a FLY wearing a TIE?”, I kept the general structure and used my own animal list. I created a slideshow that included my new lyrics, and I loved it when some of the students were able to shout out the names of the animals they saw as they appeared in the song.


“Down By the Beach”

Down by the beach,

Where the ocean waves roll.

Out in the sun,

We’ll have some fun.

Look all around,

What do you see?

I see a shark at the waterpark

Down by the beach.

I see a dolphin miniature golfing

Down by the beach.

Other verses included: lobster in a helicopter, whale with a yellow pail, turtle wearing something purple, owl wrapped up in a towel, etc.

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