For my contribution to the theme of re:VISION for Music Therapy Advocacy Month, I decided to outline some of challenges I have faced over the years in various settings, and the positive outcomes from the advocacy work. I created the song “Fearless” as a personal anthem that can be used to pump yourself up before facing difficult advocacy situations. Enjoy!

Fearless: Music Therapy Advocacy Month 2015 from Wade Richards on Vimeo.

As the profession of music therapy has been moving forward with recognition at the state level, it has been identified that a document was needed to reflect a similar format to other health care professional organizations’ Scopes of Practice. CBMT and AMTA worked together to create a Scope of Music Therapy Practice (2015) for the profession based on published documents from both organizations. This new document entitled Scope of Music Therapy Practice (2015) is available as an educational tool and legislative support document that broadly defines the range of responsibilities of a fully qualified music therapy professional with requisite education, clinical training, and board certification. Click here to read the Scope of Music Therapy Practice (2015).

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