social ties

Social Ties

by admin on September 14, 2015


I have been having great success with a social skills project I created that incorporates technology, music, and social skill rehearsal.  I named it “Social Ties” and I have been exploring different social scripts and interventions with some of my young adult and adult clients.  The program involves creating a slideshow with video responses to various social skill topics like: Introductions and Getting to Know You Better.  Many scripts can be explored musically first, as a way to practice the conversations.  Once learned, the student assists in creating a slideshow to share with other participants.  The student, then in turn, receive slideshows from other participants, and has the opportunity to practice with the video, before trying it out live.  I am looking for other music therapists who would like to demo the program, create slideshows with their students to share, share intervention strategies, and then work up to live chats over the computer.  Please have some experience working with technology: creating and editing movie clips, working with slideshow presentations, etc.

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